Stay in News!

Although quality music is by far still the most important criteria when it comes to the success of a band, creating awareness via social media is increasingly becoming important for artists/bands to find an audience for their work.

Following are some important social media tips that all musicians and bands must follow to stay in the news:

1. Locate your listeners – Please note, it’s not about the numbers alone. Sometimes, it’s very important to have a small yet loyal following for your music, rather than tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. In most cases, quality wins over quantity. So, locate your real listeners, the ones who’re passionate about your music, and reach out to each one of them.

2. Stay accessible – Gone are the days when bands would create huge walls between themselves and their fans. Everyone appreciates an honest and quick response today. Whether it’s about liking your fans’ comments on your Facebook page, or favoriting someone’s tweet, you must never refrain from going out of your way to respond to your fans.

3. Post on a regular basis – Doesn’t matter if it’s a short update, you must post on a regular basis on your social media pages. It isn’t necessary to post 20-40 messages each day; but not posting anything for months and months can get you out of your audience’s mind.

4. Delegate – If there’s a particular band member who is extremely good with social media, it’d be best for the band to hand over social media responsibility to him/her. It’s important to have a passion and knack for social media; you just can’t sustain it as an obligation.

5. Give away stuff – Who doesn’t like free stuff?! So, if there is a new single coming out, why not hand out few copies to your social media fans?! The same should be done with few tickets of your upcoming concert/s. Giveaways are fun and easy methods of engaging with your fans and saying thank you to them.

6. Avoid auto posts – These should be avoided at all cost! Every social media portal has its own appeal and must be handled differently. It’d look extremely impersonal if you post the same message on all your social media pages. Rather, you should make each one of your social media accounts special, as it’ll help you immensely in increasing your fan following.

7. Connect with other local bands – Nowadays, almost every band has a social media presence. You could carry out some research on websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, and streaming websites like, Google Play, Reverbnation and Spotify to locate bands in your region, and then introduce yourself. Staying connected to the local bands can help you greatly in getting local gigs and concerts.

8. Schedule your posts – You could easily schedule your social media posts via tools like Tweetdeck, Hotsuite etc. and ensure that you maintain your presence on all these portals even if you’re going to be away for some time.

9. Have fun – Well, this is the bottom line! Social media is all about socializing with the people you like. You must treat it that way and not allow it to get to you!