About Kevin Moore

Born on May 26, 1967, Kevin Moore is a composer, founder, vocalist and keyboardist of solo band Chroma Key. He also used to play for the American progressive rock/metal band Dream Theater earlier. Apart from these engagements, Kevin Moore is also the co-founder, keyboardist and vocalist of progressive rock band Office of Strategic Influence (OSI). He has also composed music for various film soundtracks. All through his career, Kevin has been known for his nomadic lifestyle, emotionally charged lyrics and music, and regular usage of the spoken word samples.

Kevin’s professional music career started with Dream Theater, where he contributed actively to the lyrics and music of their first three studio albums. However, he left them later for pursuing his own independent music interests.

Starting with the 1998 release of Dead Air for Radios, Kevin has come out with several ambient and electronic music creations under his solo band Chroma Key. He has also played as guest artist on various albums like the three albums of Fates Warning. It is this association with Fates Warning that led to formation of the band OSI with Jim Matheos, the guitarist of Fates warning, in the year 2002. OSI brought together artists like Sean Malone, Mike Portnoy, Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore under one umbrella, leading to works that are termed masterpieces by some of the seasoned progressive rock/metal enthusiasts. OSI has produced a total of four albums, including Fire Make Thunder, which was released in the year 2012.

That’s not all, post-Dream Theater, Moore has worked on many other solo projects too! He’s stationed in Costa Rica and produces a biweekly radio program called Radio for Peace International there. All his work related to this radio program was released in the form of a compilation titled ‘Memory Hole 1’. During his stay in Turkey, he worked with the Turkish band Makine and produced their debut album. He even wrote soundtracks for a couple of Turkish films. While the soundtrack of his first Turkish film ‘Okul’ was titled ‘Ghost Book’ and got released in the year 2004, his second Turkish film soundtrack was for the movie ‘Kucuk Kiyamet’. It was titled ‘Shine’ and was released in the year 2010.

A Brief History

Moore was born in Long Island, New York, US and started his music journey at King’s Park, Long Island with piano lessons at the age of six. He wrote his first song when he was 12 years old! After having graduated from high school in the year 1985, Kevin attended SUNY Fredonia for a brief period of time, where he honed his classical music skills, before getting back home to form a band named ‘Majesty’ with his childhood friends bassist John Myung and guitarist John Petrucci. Those two had already recruited drummer Mike Portnoy during their brief enrolment at the Berklee College of Music.

Majesty’s vocal duties were handled by singer Chris Collins. He was later replaced briefly by Charlie Dominici and then eventually by James LaBrie. In the end, this band was given a new name – Dream Theater. The debut studio album of Dream Theatre was titled ‘When Dream and Day Unite’. It was released in the year 1989 and became a world-wide success, getting them compared to the likes of Queensryche and Rush!