Sunday, December 21, 2014
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# Fernando
Sunday, September 29, 2013 7:13 AM
that the point of the samples is to enagurcoe people to buy a product if they like it. If they get full off the samples and don't feel the need to buy the product, then you have violated the social contract (not the legal contract). If he wanted to change the laws he'd be lobbying in Washington but the author of the article is trying to change the culture to recognize these social contracts.2) The problem is that sites like YouTube and Spotify are a necessary evil for musicians. There's no realistic way to police YouTube and really make sure people aren't uploading your music for free (and as soon as you suppress one, somebody else just uploads it). The only option you have is to upload it on your own channel and try to get a measly few bucks a month, hoping that people honor their social contract and buy the music if they like it. But they're not doing that. So yes, while those sites are legally sharing your music, there's still a difference between legality and ethics. It's legal for an American company to outsource its jobs to a sweat shop in Indonesia where people work 12 hours a day with one break and sometimes sleep at their machines. Is it ethical?3) I see your point with this and do largely think that it is futile to change media consumption, but I don't think it's sour grapes to lament the current state of the system. I think if anything it might enagurcoe people to set up a less broken system where musicians might actually be able to do what they love for a living.4) I agree that this was dumb. That having been said, the current state of the music industry is ruining the lives of musicians. It really is, I've seen it firsthand. Not the huge musicians like P. Diddy or Sarah McLaughlan, but it is squeezing out all the village musicians and studio instrumentalists who devoted their lives to getting really good at what they do. I'm not saying that we can change the system just for them (lots of jobs are being obsoleted right now) but if all we have to do is spend a little more money each month on iTunes or buy an album instead of just listening to it for free on YouTube or Spotify then we should.

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